About IndiPix Gallery: Fine Art Photography

IndiPix is an artist-run photography space. That means we’re passionate about photography! We’re also passionate about helping other photographers.

>>> IndiPix: A Space to Showcase Photography as an Art Form …

IndiPix was set up as a niche space for photographers who have a passion for the medium and would like to share their works. Photographers with a ‘name’ are represented anywhere but serious ‘not yet a name’ talent is often ignored by mainline galleries, even by those specialising in showcasing photography or are charged very high rentals with bookings years in advance. We want to open our doors to all such talent.

>>> IndiPix: Stocking and Representation of Art/Stock Photography …

We receive regular requests from individual and corporate clients for art photography based images, for which we stock a comprehensive range of artworks at the gallery in terms of genre, size, medium, price, editions, etc. The level of artistic talent ranges from serious hobbyists to professional fine art photographers.

>>> IndiPix: Fine Art Digital Printing Studio …

With over 20 years experience in digital imaging and colour managed digital workflows, we have the expertise to understand all the technical nuances of fine art reproduction. We have our own Digital Fine Art Printing Studio which is equipped with the latest 12-Ink Archival Printing System for Gallery Quality Prints on a wide range of media — paper and canvas.

>>> IndiPix: PhotoWorkshops …

We conduct a wide range of photography talks/demonstrations, workshops, and courses that cater to photography enthusiasts at all skill levels and different learning goals—from beginners to advanced photographers; from Foundation to Intermediate to Advanced level workshops; from theory oriented to hands-on, lets just go out and get a good shot!

>>> IndiPix: PhotoTours …

Our approach is, enjoy your photography while we explore, learn, apply and improve. Our photo tours are a mix of intense photography, controlled guidance and a lot of fun in a small-group setting of like-minded individuals.

If all you want to do on a photo tour is shoot to get the best possible images, and/or if you want to increase your skill level, then our photo tour cum workshops are just right for you. We're out shooting from dawn to dusk with the occasional educational talk and review of images. All our photo tours include a detailed pre-tour briefing and a post-tour review of images.

>>> IndiPix: Any and everything to do with photography …

The IndiPix space is regularly used by various organisations/groups/clubs to organize workshops, presentations, film screenings, group meetings, photo tours, … anything to do with photography. If you are interested in organizing any such event, get in touch with us. We would be most willing to host it.

To know more, get in touch with us today.

B2/1 Vasant Vihar
New Delhi 110 057

+91 767 858 8923

Open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Monday to Saturday. (By prior appointment only)